Storage services LA

Storage services LA – how not to be mistaken

One of the main directions of our company is to provide a full range of services in the field of warehouse logistics, namely:

  • Loading and unloading of any complexity around the clock (unloading/loading: mechanized, manual, crane, bridge and gantry crane).
  • Acceptance of goods received by rail and road.
  • Adjustment of warehouse technological processes according to customer needs.
  • Palletizing of freights, repacking of pallet and piece freights.
  • Overload of goods.
  • Responsible storage.
  • Keeping daily operational inventory accounting.
  • Rental of warehouse equipment.

Renting a warehouse primarily means that the goods will be reliably protected and conveniently placed. These are the most important requirements. However, storage services LA still have a number of nuances that will significantly affect the final size of your costs.

You should not look for a warehouse only on the basis of the cost per square meter and area. In the end, this can lead to substantial material and temporary losses. To avoid unpleasant consequences, carefully inspect the warehouse for items:

Adjacent territory

It is important that the entrance to the rental warehouse is convenient and does not require reconstruction and additional equipment.

There must be enough free parking space, and near the cargo gates, there is a platform where even the most dimensional trucks can easily turn around.

Floor and basement

On the floor, there should be no significant cracks, traces of roof leaks, slopes, holes. If there is mold or fungus on the base, this is a sure sign of problems with waterproofing the room.

If you are planning to organize shelf storage, the maximum floor level drops can be 2 millimeters for every 2 meters. If the racking structures can still be leveled using special plates, the high-rise loading and unloading equipment cannot work on an uneven floor.

Electricity, fire safety, ventilation

If you are planning to use reach trucks and electric trucks in the leased warehouse, then you should make sure that it is possible to equip the battery room.

Warehousing in LA – total costs

Storage costs are not only the cost of renting a room. This also includes cleaning the area, payment for heating and electricity, the possible arrangement of a warehouse for your needs, the establishment of a fire safety system, repair of the roof, the purchase of storage equipment.

Therefore, trusting our company with the task of storing goods, you can be sure of its safety!