Packers LA

All types of warehousing

The core business of our company is to provide warehousing services and work in warehouses and terminals for the following types:

  • loading and unloading,
  • manning
  • packaging,
  • assembly and labeling,
  • sorting,
  • marking,
  • warehouse cleaning,

and also we carry out additional services:

  • loading and unloading trucks, trucks and electric, high-rise stackers of goods and goods,
  • cleaning of the warehouse, terminal and open area,
  • others are services according to which the customer transfers us some functions in his warehouse, and we guarantee their fulfillment in accordance with the warehouse services agreement.

Our work services in LA warehouses can be both disposable and long-term.

Brigade of packers LA to the warehouse

We are ready to provide services to crews of movers-pickers in LA (packers LA) for a long time, to select and conduct training of its personnel in accordance with the application for work (services) and with the specifics of the customer’s company.

By purchasing our services brigade of packers LA customer:

  • gets effective work of its warehouse without increasing the number and load on full-time movers during the seasonal and holiday period, associated with changes in the volume of production supplies, as well as during the absence of full-time movers due to illness or vacation. No need to keep a large staff of loaders to be able to respond to changes in the volume of work. Attracts brigade movers to the warehouse when they are really needed and strictly in the quantity that is needed;
  • forgets about such a concept as “staff turnover”, teams of movers, pickers, warehouse packers (packers LA) are provided on a short-term basis as temporary staff and on a long-term basis with different warehouse schedules;
  • frees its personnel department employees from the job of finding and engaging warehouse handlers, conducting interviews and professional selections, applying for / dismissing packers LA, and keeping personnel records management;
  • does not use financial resources for advertising in specialized publications for the search of personnel – warehouse movers;
  • saves on the attraction of the loaders of a warehouse to the regular positions;
  • frees accountants from working with full-time warehouse movers;
  • gets round-the-clock work (a team of movers in the night shift) warehouse for minimal costs, etc.

Brigade of packers LA for the execution of applications customers involved in temporary, permanent work and work on a rotational basis.

Brigade of packers LA perform loading and unloading and warehousing at various facilities of our customers in LA and throughout America.

If you are interested in our services of crews of packers LA, for more detailed information, an organization of meetings and negotiations – contacts us.